Sunday, March 22, 2009

waiting for squeeks

so its sunday evening...first day almost under the belt...ok so heres what i did today...i did really well on my diet one down....i also made my dinners for the next three nights because these r my busy nights with class etc...also some lunches r handy in there as well...

what i realized while doing this...what stopped me beforehand from making dinner etc?? it took me no joke..25 mins (the time i had my salmon in the oven) to make three dinners and put them in a tupperware and just put them in the fridge...geeze!!!! i am just rtealizing everything isnt as diofficult as people make it seem

so now i am watching my sharks game...i hope they pull this one out..i dont like ryan smyth :)

and i just saw the new sharks commercial with JR and thornton for playoff tickets..and i still dont understand why joe thornton is wearing pretty much spandex sharks shorts for this commercial....goodness that guy is crazy.... ok GO SHARKS! love you all check back with you manana....

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