Sunday, March 22, 2009

sunday morning...DISTRACT ME

holy you know the beginning days of a diet or eating better and doing you sit around and you MISS everything that you used to eat and never felt guilty about eating...ok people...

DISTRACT ME...text me make me do crazy things..shoot send me on some wild goose chase..i dont care...give me ideas to be distracted thats all i want...ive been cleaning..everything will be spic and span..hell i even started to dust shit!!

IM EVEN ONLINE SHOPPING!!!! ok!!! its only 10 am and i need distractions!!!

1 comment:

  1. Josh and I brought my bike back up yesterday when we went home for the sharks game! Josh's mom is supposed to stop by today sometime, but I'm so down for a leisurely bike ride today if you are!!

    plus I need to give you the pictures that I attempted to take lol