Saturday, January 17, 2009

ive fought, ive loved, and ive lost...but im walkin tall

Today was a huge day for me...i threw away pictures, i gave goodwill all of his clothes...and i have never been so happy to have a spare drawer to put MORE clothes in THAT ARE MY OWN! yes....i am on the move and i have never felt so much better about myself....i am not going to let him get to me because i am better than him and i am better than her combined...better person....everything...i have nothing to be sad about because i have the best family in the world and the best friends in the world....its never know what you have till you need them the most...and i realized how much my family is there for me how much they are my number one when i was down and out in an ugly situation...i cannot thank them all enough and i will forever be repaying them with love and all i can give....which right now isnt much more than love and pushing forward....

thank you for everything everyone has done..from talking poop with me about how men just suck...and talking about how my life will be so much better...everyone is right and i have now seen how everyone is right...thank you all so much...

im walking one will be able to cut me short again...because i can see better and know that i wont ever settle for anything less than what i deserve...and i will never let this happen again...



  1. Wahoo!!!!! That's what I like to hear!

    Red Wings Suck!!!

  2. I agree!! Yay! Good Job! I'm glad I could be there for the tossing of the pictures and clothes!