Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Tour of new LOVE

Have any of you experienced the greatness of men (bikers) in spandex?? And no, I do NOT by anymeans count my father in this category because that is WRONG and just NOT right on any account. I am talking about the wonderful men that consist of Lance Armstrong and Levi Lipe whatever his name is....

I went to Santa Rosa today and watched LIVE in the pouring rain and freezing cold temperatures, the tour of california, AMGEM! And it was the most exciting form of sport that I have seen (other than the sharks of course)...there were cowbells and there were lights and flashing pictures and helicopters...It was like Barack Obama came into town...But they were only a bunch of guys who decided they wanted to bike 100 miles a day in the pouring rain! WHO KNEW THAT I WOULD LOVE THIS SPORT SO MUCH????

What made me love it? well, the chevys maragritas and free chips probably had a major impact on my opinion...along with the spandex and their cute butts on the seats...and for a split second when i saw them zoom by me at speeds i will not even think about reaching on a mountain bike....i had a glimpse into my man...i want him to look great in spandex....hahaha ok ok so that is a stretch...BUT LADIES THEY ARE HOTTTTTTT!!!! if you dont believe time it comes around next year...we shall all go...and we shall all have this great time with drooling over men in spandex....and shaking cowbells as loud as you possibly can...yes...

AMGEM...the greatest sport...other than hockey :)

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